There is a series of additional optional programmes for participants coming from outside and inside the Kingdom. These programmes help achieve common goals, build friendly economic relations, and develop experiences among stakeholders. The program items include the following:

Business Dinner

Away from the noise and the working atmosphere of the exhibition, we will enjoy the classic dinner atmosphere, between soft lights and classical music. The stakeholders’ meeting with  each other and their discussion of their interests will make it easier for them to build a friendly and positive network simultaneously. Meeting with a group of decision makers for discussing some issues will make their voices smoothly and clearly reach their customers and will help to transfer of experiences and deal with them. (See table).

Jeddah Tour

A cultural tour to explore the most important historical and modern areas of Jeddah, and enjoy the beautiful Red Sea views. The journey carries us between the past and present to the Gate of the Two Holy Mosques and the most important Saudi city frequented by pilgrims over time. The trip includes a sumptuous lunch on the Jeddah Corniche (beach).

Have not confirmed yet due Coronavirus

Makah Trip


We offer participants from outside Jeddah a special program with a specialized team that brings them to Mecca to perform Umrah. Transportation from the exhibition venue to the Haram and back from the Haram to the (See table).

Have not confirmed yet due Coronavirus

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