In view of the changes that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is undergoing under its wise leadership, and believing in the 2030 vision, and what its defined objectives, including the development of the education sector and its support, the idea of GEDS (Global Exhibition of Educational Development and Support) emerged to keep abreast with the pursuit of achieving and supporting this vision

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Developing Philosophy, Policy, and Goals of Curricula, Means of Development, Mechanism Activation, and connecting all these means with the programs of Teacher Preparation and his professional development.
Developing such teaching methods, that focus on Learner not on Teacher, and concentrate on inculcating skills, personality development, improving confidence, and promoting spirit of creativeness.

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Who is your audience Of GEDS ?

Education Sectors
Administrations involving the system of education, such as the sponsored affairs..
Tech & modern software
Companies interested in modern technologies that serve the education sector
Services & Education environment
The Environment and educational tools, instruments, and programmes:
The Target Audience
Suppliers of education industries in and outside the Kingdom
GEDS Global educational Exhibition is supporting Saudi Vision 2030
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