Reasons for sponsorship and participation

Education is significant and dominant to society and decision-makers. Science and learning are the most valuable subjects in the world. Education makes nations flourish and prosper. By participating in the exhibition as a sponsor and a participant, you will increase the value of your product and brand and meet your economical, social, and moral goals.

  • GEDS exhibition will be one of the most critical events in Saudi Arabia that serve the educational sector, where government and private educational institutions, investors, researchers, and innovators will meet to show and identify all that is new in this field and employ it in the pursuit of scientific development and innovation.
  • Scientific progress and development are some of the most central elements on which Saudi Arabia’s 2030 vision depends to transfer the national economy into a knowledge-based economy. Saudi Arabia takes for granted that scientific development is a laborious and long-term investment. Scientific development is the cornerstone in building an economy based on innovation, generating new knowledge, sustaining economic growth and international competition, and creating new industries. Your participation in GEDS may make you part of the development and the economic and scientific leap in Saudi Arabia.
  • GEDS will be an attractive spot for the media, television, and press, the thing that will help in marketing your products.
  • GEDS is the first exhibition in the kingdom concerned with bringing all that supports the education of suppliers, local and international companies, investing, commercial, service, training, or private sectors on one platform.
  • GEDS is the first exhibition that gathers the special care centers in one place in Saudi Arabia, the thing that makes it easy for researchers to reach them.
  • For the first time, sectors supporting education were linked through a permanent electronic directory linked to the exhibition site. And this becomes a guide and an essential reference for all services, whether they relate to the educational sector or other organizations for students and parents. This thing will help them search for the best through comparing.
  • It sheds light on a significant development in industries and services that will serve the educational field and acquire the differences and advantages that distinguish one company from its peers in this sector.
  • Connecting participants with decision-makers and communicating with them directly, which contributes to achieving the objectives of the two parties: the businessman and the consumer (B to B & B to C).
  • In this gathering, we will be discussing the latest technology that contributes to the development and promotion of education, research, innovation, and scientific progress, with industry experts.
  • The advertising and promotion services that we offer to exhibitors will promote your trademark and reach the largest target audience.
  • The exhibition will open in the presence of His Royal Highness. It will be attended by important persons (VIPs)and organizations interested in technology and education.
  • The exhibition will be followed by a business dinner aimed at VIPs and participants to strengthen relations among all parties and discuss the different areas of science and business.
  • Development, and to facilitate making transactions between interested parties.
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