Diamond Sponsor

The Main Sponsor
  • Will be provided a space with electricity at a special location 5*6 in the front of the exhibition
  • He is unique in his trademark
  • Drop down billboard
  • The sponsor will be given minutes to introduce himself and open the exhibition.
  • The logo is prominently displayed and in bigger size on all invitation cards sent to very important people to attend the exhibition.
  • Directing television media and press to his platform to conduct TV and press interviews with him.
  • The sponsor will receive 30 free invitation cards for visitors to attend the exhibition and the opening ceremony.
  • The sponsor will be allocated 3*3 popups + 2 roll-ups in a prominent place in the exhibition.
  • The logo is embossed on all invitation cards sent electronically to the entire education sector and target groups.
  • A full page on the exhibition website relating to the exhibition includes an announcement about the sponsor, his activities, and his presentation in a distinguished way.
  • The first page is allocated to him in the published exhibition magazine
  • Invite four people for free for any program on the surprise list of the exhibition.
  • Printing the Sponsor’s logo on all promotional advertisements of the exhibition, and giving presents, letters, and advertisement boards.
  • Special thanks to the sponsors at the opening and honoring them at the end of the exhibition
  • Presenting memorial shields at the dinner party and offering special thanks to them
  • A single promotional video will be filmed and displayed at the exhibition site for seven months.
  • Show sponsor’s logo on all exhibition media sites (larger size)
  • Print the sponsor’s name and logo on visitors’ cards, registration forms, and exhibition invitations
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