Who are the target audience of GEDS ?

Through a full comprehensive study of the needs of the education sector and sectors relating to it, we found that targeting these categories will help to support and develop education. The exhibition allows easy access to decision makers and building information database for all.

Companies and public, private and international sectors that support the educational sectors- academic, social, developmental, health, recreational, schools,  interested  private training centres, local and international, and all centers supporting special needs will be part of this exhibition.

Education Sectors
The Target Audience

Administrations involving the system of education, such as the sponsored affairs, the Development and Planning Administration, the School Planning Administration, and the like of services sector that foster the educational sector and its development These are like:

  • Supporting and developing companies for scientific development, research, creativity and international scientific talents.
  • Health sector companies that contribute to the support and development of school health.
  • Security and safety companies that contribute to the development of a security and safety programme in the education sector and others of similar organizations.
  • Companies in the recreational sector that fosters and develops the social recreational side and the sports and their programmes in schools, gyms and Youth body.
  • Specialised companies in the nutrition sector that contribute to the development of a healthy nutritional programme for all schools and education centres.
  • Banks and businessmen contributing to educational support and development
  • Suppliers of education industries in and outside the Kingdom.
  • Directors of educational establishments in the Gulf and the Kingdom.
  • General affairs and purchases directors in the governmental, health, education sectors and those privy to the Kingdom.
  • Training- centres directors
  • Parents and students
  • Founders of the companies and private and governmental establishments
  • Private and governmental sector employees
Services & Education environment
Technique and modern software

The Environment and educational tools, instruments, and programmes:

  • Companies and offices that are interested in the construction, administration and maintenance of educational premises and all that belongs to them.
  • Suppliers and makers of school furniture, desks, and meeting rooms, kindergarten and early school furniture as well as kindergarten and school playground.
  • Companies for modern educational instruments, ranging from office instruments to laboratory, kindergartens, sciences tools and the like.
  • Administrative and study programmes.
  • All that relates to school uniform, sports and safe training costume, graduation gowns and their accessories.
  • In view of the new interest of the Kingdom in the sports subject for students, GEDS emerged to target the latest centres and human resources that contribute to the support of this side of educational sector.
  • School Publications
    • Kindergarten stories and books
    • Textbooks

Companies interested in modern technologies that serve the education sector and the business world simultaneously, such as smart boards, audio-visual devices, display screens, computers, electronic learning instruments and programmes, and the like.

Private and International Schools and Development and Educational Training Centres

  • Private schools and Research training centres-private, social and international
  • Special Needs Schools and Centres
  • The major learning languages centres, summer activities, such as scouting and local and international camping.
  • Centers for development, training and vocational education and professional associations interested in training
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